“Elizabeth and her team at Doggy Dates are amazing. They are prompt, professional, friendly, trustworthy and love dogs. They treat my dog like their own. Our dog, Finnegan, waits by the door on his doggy date mornings and gets so excited when he is picked up. He comes home happy and tired. He has always been a bit nervous in cars but the team at doggy dates makes sure that he is comfortable and settled before pulling away and he now jumps right into their car without any hesitation. They also take pictures of the dogs in action and post on Facebook so we can see all of the fun that the dogs are having. I cannot say enough great things about Doggy Dates and will continue to refer them to friends.”

Katherine and Finnegan, Needham

“We LOVE Doggy Dates! Our dog has been part of the Doggy Dates play groups for almost two years and we could not be happier! Elizabeth is wonderful to work with, and every team member is friendly, professional and absolutely loves dogs! The best thing is that Scout gets great exercise and true “dog time” with her friends… Doggy Dates is the best! We would (and have!) highly recommend it to anyone looking for some play time for their pup!”

Marissa and Scout, Wellesley

“I cannot say enough about Doggy Dates! I have a young Berner and boy, he loves his time with the other dogs. It provides just the outlet he needs to become a great home dog. I can’t give him the exercise he needs. I can walk him and talk him and pet him and treat him. But, the time he has at Doggy Dates with the other folk and the other dogs is immeasurably valuable.”

Carol and Aargau, Wellesley

“Doggy Dates is so convenient. It gets our dog off the leash which he loves, and he returns happy and tired. Sure helps when things get busy at home!”

Jo Ann and Jake, Sherborn

“Elizabeth is fantastic; I cannot say enough good things about her and Doggy Dates. Our dog Max, has been going on playdates for 2 years now, and he loves it! He waits by the door in the morning, and by the time he comes back, he is happy and tired out for the rest of the day. He also particularly loves Elizabeth, and she has been very reliable as a pet sitter when we are away. I highly recommend Doggy Dates!”

Erin and Max, Wellesley

“My Golden waits by the window on Playdates days. When she sees the car pulling up, her tail starts wagging and she runs to the door so excited to go off with her friends. She comes home calmer and happier for the exercise every time. She LOVES her playtime!”

Paula and Maya, Dover

“Doggy Dates is awesome – fun people who love your dog pickup/drop/off your dog at your home, with flexible scheduling for a fun, safe romp and good socializing experience in a large safe outdoor area. I’ve used doggy dates when my puppy was younger for socialization and now for care and good outdoor play when needed. Everyone is friendly and the service is reliable. The reason it is so popular is it’s a needed service that’s well managed, great for your dog which you can count on and feel good about – just a wonderful option! Thanks Elizabeth and Co. – keep up the good care for our doggies!~”

Faith and Tucker, Needham

“Our puppy really enjoys her weekly doggy dates – being outside and socializing with other dogs. I trust Elizabeth and her team and the safe, enclosed

Julie and Callie, Wellesley

“I can’t say enough good things about Doggy Dates! Elizabeth runs the company very professionally, especially in comparison with other doggy daycare services I’ve used. Her employees are prompt, cheerful, courteous and LOVE Molly. Molly returns from her playgroups happy and ready for a nap, with her feet clean of water and mud. With previous playgroups, Molly sustained minor injuries on energetic runs, such as stick punctures. I am a big fan of Elizabeth’s use of a big fenced space where the dogs can run and play more safely. Elizabeth also does a great job of responding to schedule changes and reflecting these accurately in her (prompt) invoices. Oh, and the prices are VERY reasonable!”

Susan and Molly, Wellesley

“My chocolate lab Luke has been playing with Doggy Dates for over a year and has loved every minute. He is always excited to go and tired when he comes home. It is obvious that he is well cared for and truly loved. I highly recommend the Doggy Dates to anyone with a dog who likes to play”

Lisa and Luke, Wellesley

“I have been using Doggie Dates for over a year and absolutely love it. My dog Cooper always returns tired and happy. Elizabeth runs a very organized and professional business.”

Theresa and Cooper, Wellesley

“I just want you to know how much Baxter loves his time at Doggy Dates…. He sits by the door every single morning starting at 7 AM looking and waiting for the doggy van to pick him up, and is very sad on the days he does not go. Unfortunately he does understand the difference between weekdays and weekends. Lucky for me he comes home totally spent so I can get all my “stay at home” work done. Your service is wonderful and the drivers are terrific. I would recommend your company to anyone.”

Cindy and Baxter, Needham

“My dog Ollie is truly beyond excited whenever Doggy Dates shows up! We go for a walk every day, but this allows him to really run and interact with other dogs. We both love Doggy Dates!”

Lisa and Ollie, Dover

“Doggie Dates took our little 10 week old Cockapoo puppy Seamus,and carefullysocialized him with other dogs. When Seamus sees the Doggie Dates Van pull up, he can hardly wait to jump in! Doggie Dates staff are really engaged with the dogs and are personally responsible people. What a great group!”

Eileen and Seamus, Wellesley

“I’m not sure who is more excited when we see the purple Doggy Dates car pull into the driveway, my dog Charlie or me!Charlie literally jumps up and down in anticipation of his playdate and he always returns home exhausted which makes me want to jump up and down!”

Eileen and Charlie, Sherborn

“I’ve been using Doggy Dates for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier! They are responsible, reliable and relatively inexpensive. My energetic dog comes home after running with his friends and collapses every time. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves their dog!”

Suse and Brady, Wellesley

“I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy we’ve been working with Doggy Dates. Your whole team has always been excellent about respondingquickly, working with us, and accommodating our crazy schedule. Josie seems to thoroughly enjoy her time with you and she absolutely adores everyone on your team. Since Josie has been participating in Doggy Dates, she’s been calmer, better behaved, and a happier dog. She always comes back tired from her walks and play time, which is exactly what we hoped for. It’s clear that your whole team truly loves dogs and has treated Josie as a member of the family. Thank you for everything!”

Sherri and Josie, Wellesley

“My Bruce (a 5 year old cockapoo) is a Doggy Dates regular and we both appreciate the fun and exercise he gets. The chaperones are fun dog lovers and the limos are so dog friendly. This is a great dog care opportunity.”

Bobby and Bruce, Wellesley

“Doggy Dates has been a wonderful experience for our shy but very active English Pointer. Tula plays every Wednesday and can’t wait to jump into the car with her playmates! She comes home socialized, happy, and exhausted! She also has overnight stays with Elizabeth…The photos and videos that are posted during her boarding as well as during play dates give us such peace of mind. Not your usual dog service….It is comforting to have the same smiling, familiar faces greet Tula every Wednesday!”

Andrea and Tula, Wellesley

“I wish my dog could talk because he would be able to tell you just how much he LOVES his sessions with Doggy Dates. He literally gets so excited whenhe gets picked up for his time with Doggy Dates that I may as well not exist! Elizabeth and her team always are courteous, professional and love what they do – and it shows!”

Alyson and Fynn, Wellesley

“We absolutely love Doggie Dates! There is no substitute for the amount of fun and exercise our Kodi gets during his dates. He goes nuts with excitement when the Doggy Dates car pulls into our driveway and comes home afterwards tired and happy. Tara, our dates leader is terrific – responsible, reliable and so nice to Kodi. Five stars!”

Inna and Kodi, Wellesley

“Doggy Dates has been very helpful in juggling the demands of having a dog with a very busy family schedule. My girls have always wanted a dog, but I worried about being tied to the dog’s schedule. With Doggy Dates taking Dunkin out to play for a couple hours, I can go on field trips, not worry about scheduling appointments, etc. “

Chrissy and Duncan, Wellesley

“Seamus, our 4 month old Golden Retriever, is always eager and willing to head out with Hailey, his chaperone, for a day of play and fun. Doggy Dates has been a wonderful outlet for us to help socialize Seamus. He comes home “dog tired”; an owner’s dream. We would highly recommend Doggy Dates for their enthusiastic and reliable service.”

Dulcey and Seamus, Wellesley

“We have been using Doggy Dates for a little over a year and Emme absolutely loves it! She is a very social dog and needed more play time than we coul, d give her, so we called Doggy Dates and it’s been fabulous! Emme goes out twice a week and comes back exhausted and so happy, she is always waiting by the door when they show up. Elizabeth has done a wonderful job creating the company and we have found the staff at Doggy Dates to be friendly, reliable, trustworthy and flexible. We would highly recommend them!”

Sandra and Emme, Wellesley

“Our puppy joined Doggy Dates at 5 months old and loved it immediately. She is picked up and dropped off at our house, arrives home well-exercised, socialized and happy!! The staff is super dog-friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. It’s great to know our dog is getting attention and exercise on the days we can’t be home to spend with her. Doggy Dates is the perfect fit for our family!”

Laurie and Ivy, Wellesley

“Rocky and Daly love their Doggy Dates and sit by the door waiting for the car to pick them up. I love that they’re exercised and worn out when they come home!”

Shannah and Rocky & Daley, Wellesley

“WE Love Doggy Dates! Our rescued hound had such hard time adjusting to her new “forever home” and needed to have some time playing with other dogs. The Doggy Dates play yard was perfect for her and all the people who came t o take her are amazing. She is so excited every time she sees the car and can’t wait to go. This was so wonderful to see given how hard her life was before. Doggy Dates was a perfect fit and they worked so hard to find the right group for our dog. THANK YOU!”

Annie and Marcy, Wellesley

“The Doggy Dates program is run by professional and experienced staff. We have been thrilled with DD, and after adopting a dog from a shelter, we were grateful for their support and expertise to ensure that our dog, Bode, was provided with ample socialization by a dog pack. Elizabeth and staff have been flexible and responsive to our working schedule, and we can not recommend them highly enough!”

Stephanie and Bode, Wellesley

“We cannot say enough as to how happy we have been with Doggy Dates. Elizabeth and her team truly love dogs and it shows. They are punctual, responsible, and trustworthy. Zoe is never more excited than when the Doggy Dates car pulls into the driveway. We highly recommend them!”

Betsy and Zoe, Wellesley

“Doggy Day Care has been wonderful for my two dogs! They have fun running around and socializing on an acre of land with other dogs .They really need this type of exercise; rather than just being walked on a leash. It is Summer and Lucie’s time to romp and play and be free! Elizabeth is very organized and careful with every aspect of her business. She is great and enthusiastic, and of course she loves our dogs!!”

Harris, Lucy & Summer, Wellesley

“We were lucky enough to have met Elizabeth almost 2 years ago when we just moved to Boston and were about to have our first child. With no immediate family nearby, we were a little worried about what we were going to do with Shea (our 2 year old black lab) when the time came for the bambino to arrive. At the time, Doggy Dates was just blossoming, and with only 1 car and a handful of dogs, our black lab instantly fell in love with her! Elizabeth took her in like she was her own and helped exercise her each day while we settled in with our new child. Over the years, Shea has grown very attached to her and gets so excited when we just mention “Elizabeth”. Elizabeth is so committed and her pure love for dogs has undeniably shaped her successful business. We have been over the moon happy with our relationship and feel very lucky to have come across Doggy Dates upon our arrival to Boston! Without fail, I would highly recommend this service to anyone!”

Catherine and Shae, Wellesley

“Doggy Dates has been taking our 2 Golden Retrievers out for the past year and both dogs get very excited when Haley (our dog walker) comes to the door to get them. They love being off leash, playing fetch and come back well exercised.”

Sangita, Zulu and Tracker, Wellesley

“Doggy Dates staff take great care of our 2 year old lab. He waits by the door for his “friends” to arrive and always comes home tired out. Elizabeth is excellent about accommodating last minute schedule changes which gives us peace of mind when work and other obligations make it difficult to be home on time for a dog walk. We highly recommend Doggy Dates”

Sheila and Wyatt, Wellesley

“Piper and Molly LOVE going to play with the other dogs at Doggie Dates. The staff took the time to integrate them to the other dogs of all sizes and personalities. We never worry about the dogs and it’s a great way to socialize them with other dogs. Liz and her staff are fantastic! We have done boarding, playdates and double playdates and can’t say enough about the service!”

Paige, Piper & Molly, Wellesley

“I have been with Elizabeth since she started or near the beginning anyway. It was important to me that my dog would not be exposed to other dogs who are ill, who would be picked up anyway regardless of their health. Elizabeth is well aware of not accepting an ill dog into the play group. She has been easy to communicate with regarding schedule and very helpful to me. Her employees have been quality people who truly like dogs and also who are trustworthy with my house key. The weather was rainy and raw upon Papi’s return the young lady actually was going to dry him off when she dropped him off. That is really nice! It has been fun watching our this eager young woman has made a business for herself. Papi always loves going for a ride to the farm with other dogs. Thank you Elizabeth!”

Lorretta and Papi, Wellesley

“Newman absolutely loves his play dates at Doggy Dates! Every morning he waits by the door, so excited for his playtime. We feel that every employee genuinely loves him and takes the best care of him. We use Doggy Dates for everything from daily play dates to weekend vacations. They are awesome!”

Deb and Newman, Wellesley

“For our high-energy puppy, Doggy Dates has been wonderful. Our puppy waits by the door for her play date pick up and is excited to play and run with the other dogs. She returns home happy and satisfied!”

Nancy and Quincy, Wellesley

“I love Doggy Dates! What can I say — my Cassidy loves it and looks forward to it daily. Elizabeth, Tara and Marissa are all loving and caring. I trust them implicitly to take care of my puppy, and I find them reliable and conscientious. The photos that I receive regularly demonstrate how much fun the doggies all have — I wish my days were as fun!”

Julie and Cassidy, Wellesley

“Charlie, ( my one year old lab) started with Doggy Dates in January of 2014. I was looking for a place to send Charlie where he would be able to socialize with other active dogs. Charlie loves Doggy Dates and best of all he returns home tired out! Elizabeth is very organized , flexible and professional as is her staff. Charlie gets so excited when he sees Hailey ( his driver) come to the door. I highly recommend Doggy Dates. “

Jen and Charlie, Wellesley

“Doggy Dates is one of the best things that has happened to our Lhasa Apso Winston. He gets very excited when he sees the van arrive to pick him up and he returns full of energy from his run with the other dogs. The socialization is also a positive for Winston who otherwise has little play time with other dogs. What is especially nice for us is Doggy Dates picks him up and returns him when we are at work. They are very responsible and the handlers seem to genuinely love the dogs. “

Rhoda and Winston, Wellesley

“When that happy car pulls into the driveway, we have the happiest dog in the neighborhood. Tail wagging, eager barking, he can’t get outside fast enough to join his friends! And when we go out of town, we know that Hunter is having an awesome vacation too. It’s clear that the Doggy Dates team loves him as much as we do. “

Betsy and Hunter, Wellesley

“Jack & Otter practically leap through the door when they hear the Doggy Dates van pull up! We know that they will have a great morning of exercise and doggy socializing in a clean, safe environment.”

Jessica, Jack and Otter, Wellesley