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Play Groups

Doggy Dates addresses the social nature of dogs and their place in nature as “pack animals.” Regular, positive interaction with other dogs and humans is vital to the development of a healthy, happy dog.

That being the case, Doggy Dates Playgroup aims to develop your dog’s well-being and confidence by reinforcing calm, appropriate play behaviors in a safe environment. To do this, we transport your dogs to one of our fenced-in facilities located on privately-owned farm land where they engage in a supervised, controlled, and off-leash play session. Playgroup can also help improve your dog’s routine, prevent destructive behavior at home, prepare your dog for boarding or away-from-home situations, and, of course, alleviate dog-mom or dog-dad guilt.

At your dog’s initial evaluative play session, our Playgroup Supervisors will observe his/her play style, energy level, and personality to ensure he/she is placed in a group with the perfect pooch pals.

Our main objectives are to help your dog socialize, exercise, and, paws crossed, meet his/her BFFF (best furry friend forever)!

Monday – Friday

Sign your pup up once a week or five days a week, it’s up to you! Our play sessions run from the morning to the early afternoon, Monday through Friday, rain or shine.

Single Dates or Full-day Care

We offer single play sessions as well as triple play sessions (full-day care)!

Time Windows

Doggy Dates picks up and drops off in 1.5-hour time windows. It is not necessary that you be home for pick-up and/or drop-off.

Restrictions/Reasons for Non-admission

We have a comprehensive application process in place to ensure all dogs that come to play are friendly and pre-socialized. Doggy Dates will not admit dogs with aggression issues. All dogs offered a “free trial” must pass in order to be considered members of Doggy Dates. In terms of medical requirements, dogs must be up-to-date on all shots! For puppies, three DHPP (DA2PPV or DA2PP) boosters and the rabies vaccines are required!

Transportation Provided

Each dog rides in his/her own section of our totally-equipped, doggy-customized and doggy-proof company vehicles.


  • Sporadic dates (aperiodic)$35/date
  • Regular dates (weekly)$30/date
  • DOUBLE DATEbase rate + $15
  • TRIPLE DATEbase rate + $30
  • All schedules with a MID-MORNING SESSIONadditional $5 fee
  • Special accommodations (e.g., requiring front seat due to size) $5

Once you establish a regular schedule, you can add, change, or cancel dates as needed, and your rate will stay the same!

Please note, you cannot sign up for non-consecutive dates. If you choose to enroll your dog in a double date, those sessions must be back-to-back!



Cancelling and last-minute changes.

*Adds/drops received after 3PM the business day prior (to the relevant date) will incur a $10 charge. We do our scheduling a day in advance so that our routes and group assignments are planned optimally. The fee is meant to encourage clients to add/drop dates with advance notice to avoid a last-minute shuffle as well as to account for the extra work needed when we do accommodate a last-minute add/drop.

*If your dog becomes sick, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

*If a Supervisor arrives to pick up for a regularly scheduled date that was not cancelled, clients will be charged for the full date.

*Weather-related cancellations are extended to 8 o’clock the morning of the play date with no fee