Our overnights are unique in that we take the dogs into our homes and treat them like part of the family. The dogs are on our beds, in our rooms, snuggling with us on our couches–we love it! Some providers do have other dogs in the home, while others may not. We provide transportation, you provide your dog’s food, toys, and crate/bed (if applicable). We also have several providers who can stay in your home with your dog, if that is preferred! The dogs will occasionally accompany us to Doggy Dates, depending on the situation, but they are never left alone for more than a few hours at a time.  Dogs must be enrolled in weekly recurring play group to utilize this service.



Transportation (pick-up or drop-off) before 10AM or after 4PM: $30 extra
Meet-and-greet: $30


*Cancellation with less than 2-weeks notice will incur a fee equal to the first night’s stay.

*Your nights are locked in 48 hours prior to the start of your stay. At that point, you will be charged for all days requested, even if you choose to cancel any or all of the nights.