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One of the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding jobs you can choose is dog walking. Needham residents who love dogs, are reliable, and want to explore a career in dog services should apply at Doggy Dates. Doggy Dates is a premier location for doggy services for households in Needham and areas nearby. We’ve served Massachusetts’ furry friends since 2011, with nothing but positive reviews from clients. People who want a career change or a job they can feel good about can join the Doggy Dates team. We provide steady work, a loyal customer base, and flexible scheduling.

Why People Love Working for Doggy Dates

Life as a professional dog walker in Needham is good. Our dog walkers love coming to work, interacting with their regular clients’ dogs and meeting new ones. It’s easy to work with a smile when someone is paying you to play with dogs and puppies all day! This is exactly the career Doggy Dates offers to individuals who fit the bill for our professional dog walking jobs in Needham. We’re always looking for reliable, friendly, dog-loving people to join our team.

Working as a dog walker in Needham means you never have a dull day. Say goodbye to the confining four walls of an office building and hello to spending the day in the fresh air, walking dogs through beautiful neighborhoods. With an ever-changing client list, you’ll always have something new and exciting to do. Walking other people’s dogs for a living is literally a walk in the park!

People love working for Doggy Dates because of the steady workload, schedule flexibility, and friendly work environment. A solo dog walker in Needham can have difficulty finding steady work and recurring clients. When you partner with Doggy Dates, we gather clients for you – doing the hard work so you can focus on the fun part of the job instead. You’ll also have total control over how often you work – occasionally or full time. Whether you have your heart set on becoming a doggie day care supervisor, overnight dog sitter, trainer, or a dog walker in Needham, apply at Doggy Dates to start your journey.

Do You Have What It Takes to Work at Doggy Dates?

At Doggy Dates, we take our hiring process very seriously. You probably wouldn’t trust just anyone with your beloved pets. We abide by the same standards when it comes to hiring people to care for our clients’ pets. We fill our dog walking jobs in Needham by looking for three main traits in job applicants:

  • Reliability. Dog walking in Needham requires the ability to show up to a client’s location when you say you will. A dog owner is counting on you to minimize a dog’s stress and anxiety while he or she is away from home. Showing up late or not at all can hurt the dog’s health and happiness. At Doggy Dates, our dog walkers have to be people we can depend on to fulfill their job duties.
  • Personable attitude. While the dogs are the most important aspect of working for Doggy Dates, our dog walkers in Needham must also be able to work well with dog owners. A dog owner needs to feel a connection with you in order to trust you with his or her furry friend. At Doggy Dates, we look for employees who are friendly, open, and personable.
  • Must love dogs! This may seem like an obvious prerequisite, but our dog walkers must love dogs. You don’t necessarily need to own a dog to qualify for a dog walker position, but you need to have a basic understanding of canine behaviors and care. If you love dogs as much as we do, you might be the ideal candidate.

If it sounds like you have what it takes for our dog walking jobs in Needham, we hope you fill out our online job application. Visit our website to learn more information about Doggy Dates’ mission, hiring procedure, and employee expectations.

Need to Schedule a Dog Walking Service?

Dog Walking NeedhamAt Doggy Dates, we understand the importance of regular exercise and the opportunity for dogs to relieve themselves. Dogs that are penned up all day indoors without social interaction or stimulation can resort to destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture. Your pup may regress with his or her potty training, destroy your home, or develop separation anxiety if left alone for eight to 12 hours a day. Instead of putting your dog through the stress of being home alone all day, consider hiring a trustworthy local dog walker.

If you’re interested in hiring a dog walker in Needham, you’ve come to the right place. At Doggy Dates, we vet all our professional dog walkers before bringing them onto the team. Our screening process ensures we only hire people with a true passion for animals. Rest assured that when Doggy Dates sends a walker to your home, he or she is fully qualified for the job and will take excellent care of your pooch. Meet our team!

When you sign up for dog walking with Doggy Dates, you’ll enjoy a free trial for your first session. This gives us the opportunity to meet you and your dog, and for you to meet the caring staff member who will be taking your dog on walks. After your meet and greet, we’ll jump right in with taking care of your dog’s needs – no matter what that looks like. We have experience caring for puppies, older dogs, dogs with disabilities, dogs that require medication, and dogs that need lots of exercise. We’ll tailor your dog’s walking experience to accommodate you and your pup, from start to finish.

Call (781) 801-2526 to Schedule Your Dog Walking Service

To schedule dog walking in Needham with Doggy Dates, contact us for a free trial. We’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. It’s our job to put your mind at ease while you’re at work, at a meeting, or otherwise unable to give your dog the walks he or she needs throughout the day. Partner with a local company you can trust. Call Doggy Dates for dog walking. Needham dog owners can dial (781) 801-2526 to get in touch with us today.

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