Play Groups

Play dates give your dog an opportunity to play with other dogs and expend excessive energy while minimizing bad behavior. Doggy Dates is a great energy outlet for dogs–giving them the time and space to run with friends and get the exercise they need–but it is a lot more than that! Doggy Dates addresses the social nature of dogs and their place in nature as “pack animals.” Social interaction is vital to the development of a healthy, happy dog. Dogs learn from each other and their interactions, and naturally crave the social interaction with members of their own species.

We pick up your dogs and transport them in their own private section of our doggie customized Scion XB to a gorgeous acre of privately owned, fenced-in farmland. Our play group supervisors will get to know your dog’s play style and personality to ensure your dog plays safely, and gets the right amount of exercise every visit. Let’s talk about what we can do for your dog walking and pet sitting needs!

Monday – Friday

Sign up for once a week, or up to five days a week, it’s up to you! We have playgroups running throughout the morning and early afternoon Monday through Friday, rain or shine.

Single Dates or Full Day Care

We offer single playdates for dogs who just need to get out at some point in the day, but we also offer a full day for those who need it!

Time Windows

We will give you a 1.5 hour time window for pick up. It is not necessary, however, that you be home for pick up or drop off.

Friendly Dogs Only!

We will not take dogs with aggression issues. Dogs also must be up to date on shots!

Transportation Provided

Dogs ride in their own separate section of our doggie-customized Scion XBs.

Private Fenced Land

Doggies romp on over an acre of privately-owned, fenced-in farmland at our Dover, Natick and Weston facilities.


The more you play the more you save!

  • Sporadic or Short Term$25.00
  • Once a Week$23.00
  • Twice a Week$23.00
  • Three Times a Week$19.00
  • Four Times a Week$19.00
  • Five Times a Week$19.00
  • Second DogAdditional $10.00
  • DOUBLE PLAYDATEAdditional $10.00
  • TRIPLE DATEAdditional $10.00



Cancelling and last minute changes.

*Schedule changes with less than 24-hour notice will result in a $10 fee. If our drivers report to pick up for a regularly scheduled date that was not cancelled, you will be charged the full amount of the date*

*We do our scheduling a day in advance so that our routes are planned optimally. We assign dogs to different group leaders in our route planner, make sure everyone fits properly, and organize each driver’s route in the most efficient manner possible. When someone tries to add last minute, this typically means we need to shift dogs around between groups, reorder pick-up routes, inform the drivers, etc. Essentially, it takes time and work to accommodate a last minute add. The fee is meant to encourage people to sign up with advanced notice to avoid this last minute shuffle, and to account for the extra work needed when we do accommodate a last minute add.

*Price breaks are reserved for those who sign up for recurring weekly schedules.