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At Doggy Dates, our dog walking jobs in Metro West offer job seekers everything they need for a great experience in the pet care industry. We started our business in 2011 with a specific mission – to give pets a way to socialize and burn energy and give dog owners peace of mind. Today, we offer the same unparalleled service in the form of dog-only playgroups, overnight stays, and training sessions. If you’re searching for the best dog walking jobs in Metro West, check out Doggy Dates. We are always on the lookout for energetic and reliable new dog sitters.

Start Your Career With Dog Walking Jobs in Metro West

Dog walking and care services are in high demand, and we’re excited to see more people searching for dog walking jobs in Metro West. People love their pets, but spend increasing amounts of time away from the house at work, school, or other obligations. In an urban environment, this often leads to energetic pups who want to bounce off the walls in the evenings. Under-socialized and under-exercised dogs can vent their frustrations in the form of destructive, annoying, and aggressive behaviors.

Our services give pets in the surrounding communities an outlet when their owners spend time away from home. Instead of chewing up the couch cushion, your pooch can run off the extra energy in the great outdoors with his or her buddies. When you apply for our dog walking jobs in Metro West, you’re gaining an opportunity to work in a growing and valuable service business.

Around the country, pet owners are spending an increasing amount of money to send their dogs to “day care.” Dogs love spending time as part of a pack and pet owners feel good knowing their dogs are well cared for during the day or on the occasional weekend. For many of us, our pets are our families. We wouldn’t leave our children at home all day unattended, and we won’t do it to our pets if given a choice. Doggy Dates provides the ideal compromise between a boarding facility and a typical dog walking service. You won’t find more enjoyable dog walking jobs in Metro West.

How Doggy Dates Provides Dog Walking Jobs Metro West

As a dog care business with a different approach to dog walking jobs in Metro West, we offer some unique services other businesses currently don’t offer. We do not require our clients to drop off, stay, or pick up their pets from our playdates. Instead, our team runs a shuttle service using our fleet of company-branded Scion XBs. The vehicles contain individual compartments for each Doggy Date guest, and our drivers provide both pickup and drop-off services. How many other dog walking jobs in Metro West offer that kind of convenience?

With a full car of pups, we travel out to the countryside, where we have access to an acre of fenced-in, private farmland. Our playdate supervisors let the dogs loose and closely monitor the play session. We typically run three group play sessions every weekday, and our employees provide support for single-session playdates and full day care. The flexibility of our services is part of what makes our dog walking jobs in Metro West so convenient. After a few hours (or a day) of running around, most dogs are ready to go home. While we provide a timeframe for drop-off times, some of our clients can’t come home to greet their tired and happy dog. Our drivers offer optional owner-absent drop-offs. We’ll follow our clients’ instructions and leave the pup relaxing until his or her owner returns.

For overnight stays, each of our furry guests stays in our overnight hosts’ homes. Clients provide necessities, and our hosts take care of the rest. Whether you’re interested in keeping the dogs entertained during the day, driving, or providing another service, we hope you’ll consider one of our open dog walking jobs in Metro West. Apply now and discover the most rewarding job in Massachusetts.

Working Dog Walking Jobs In Metro West

Dog Walking Jobs In Metro WestOur company founder, Elizabeth Geisinger, started Doggy Dates after graduating from college. She has a passion for dogs and saw a great business opportunity for expanding her work into more dog walking jobs in Metro West. Today, the management team includes dog enthusiasts who are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain an exceptional client experience year round. From supporting the website to interacting with the furry guests on a regular basis, the management is a hands-on bunch that loves to work and play.

The Doggy Dates team includes a large number of passionate dog professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds. Some volunteered with rescues prior to finding one of the best dog walking jobs in Metro West. Others have spent several years in the dog sitting business, and love working in a different type of dog care environment. With such a diverse set of employees with different skills in the dog care industry, we’re learning something new every day and always improving our approach to doggie playdates.

Our employees adore dogs of all breeds. One of the joys of starting one of our dog walking jobs in Metro West is getting to know the unique personalities of each playdate guest. They’re all so different and adorable! Check out our Instagram and you’ll see what we mean.

Ready to Get Started with A Dog Walking Job Metro West?

Some jobs will keep you behind a desk all day or selling products in a storefront. At Doggy Dates, we’re fulfilling a growing need in the community and giving passionate people great dog walking jobs in Metro West. Many of our clients monitor the daily playdate sessions on social media and can’t wait to hear stories about their furry family member’s day.

Get to know our wonderful and friendly client base, enjoy the feeling of wet kisses and puppy snuggles on a daily basis, and work with a team of positive and energetic pet professionals. We think this is one of the greatest jobs in the world, but we may be a little biased.

As a new kind of dog care business, we can’t wait to share our world with other dog sitters, playdate supervisors, and drivers. If you’re interested in learning more about our dog walking jobs in Metro West, feel free to give us a call at (781) 801-2526.

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