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For the best dog day care that Needham has to offer, come to Doggy Dates. Since our start in 2011, we’ve quickly become one of the most popular sources for doggie day care in Needham, Dover, Wellesley, and beyond. We owe our popularity to our dedicated, caring, and passionate staff of dog lovers. Each member of our team is committed to providing top-notch dog walking, training, sitting, and playdate services. Their enthusiasm shines through at every doggie visit and service they provide, marking Doggy Dates as one of the most exceptional dog day cares in the area.

What Makes Doggy Dates Special?

Elizabeth Geisinger founded Doggy Dates as a way to combine her love for dogs with her knack for business. Elizabeth designed the company to put the dogs first, always. She only hires like-minded dog lovers, always keeps rates affordable, and communicates openly with clients to improve every dog’s experience. Doggy Dates now has three gorgeous farmland facilities in Dover, Natick, and Weston, where dogs can romp to their heart’s content.

As business expanded, so has Doggy Dates’ ability to provide outstanding canine care. Today, Doggy Dates is a five-star-rated doggie day care in Needham. Read our testimonials. Elizabeth’s original vision for the company – providing an enjoyable, safe environment for dogs to play, run, and socialize – has come to life. Elizabeth and her team of caring professionals are proud to provide exceptional dog day care services to dog owners throughout Massachusetts, as well as dog walking, training, and overnight stays.

Learn About Our Dog Day Care Services Needham

At Doggy Dates, we’re always open and transparent about what to expect during doggie day care Needham dog owners with questions about our services can always call us at (781) 801-2526 to speak with a friendly member of our team. If you’re curious about what you’ll get when you partner with Doggy Dates for dog day care, here’s what to expect:

  • First date is free! Sign up for a free trial today. We offer free trials to new clients as an obligation-free way to get to know each other. You’ll get a feel for how dog day care works at Doggy Dates, meet members of our staff, and your dog will have a blast – all on the house.
  • Clean and beautiful play area. Our dog day care facilities are on more than one acre of beautiful, privately owned, fenced-in farmland. Dogs have plenty of grass, sunshine, and water as they run freely, off leash, and interact with other dogs. We keep our play area clean, sanitary, and free from hazardous objects such as sharp sticks.
  • Professional supervision. A playgroup supervisor is always on hand to watch dogs as they play. We train our supervisors to understand dog body language, recognize signs of potential issues, and prevent problems through swift and appropriate action.
  • Ample screening process. We gather detailed information about potential clients’ dogs to ensure that we have no unvaccinated or dangerous dogs in the play area. While we’d love to take care of every dog, we have to screen them for the safety of dogs and humans involved. This is for you and your dog’s benefit.
  • Transportation is included. We’ve customized our company’s trademark Scion XB to transport your dog safely and comfortably to and from the play area. We’ll come to your location to pick up your pup and drop him or her off after the playdate ends. The best part is you don’t even have to be home.
  • A happy, pooped dog! Our employees get to know every dog’s personality and playing style, so they know how to tire your dog out just the right amount. When your dog returns home, we know he or she will be happy, free of excess energy, and ready to relax.

For more information about our doggie day care in Needham, visit our playgroup service page. Here you’ll find our playdate schedule, time windows, pricing, and more. Doggy Dates offers single, hour-and-a-half long playdates as well as full day care.

The Importance of Regular Exercise and Socialization

It’s not in a dog’s nature to be inside all day, with no socialization or interactions with others. Dogs are social creatures, with a pack mentality that has lasted through the generations. A properly socialized dog will have a better temperament and fewer behavioral problems than one without socialization. Arranging playdates with other dogs or time at the park is an important part of having a happy, well-behaved dog.

Don’t mistake socialization with having a routine. While dogs enjoy a routine, failure to expose them to a variety of animals, people, and places can lead to a development of fear of anything new. Soon, your dog will act out with any change in routine, becoming destructive, aggressive, or fearful. To combat this issue, regularly socialize your dog in doggie playgroups.

Exercise is also important for a dog’s health and well being. Different breeds have varying exercise requirements, but in general, one walk around the block isn’t enough to satisfy the average dog. Dogs may lose muscle mass, suffer weight problems, and engage in destructive behaviors due to boredom. Releasing excess energy in a fun environment can prevent these issues. A doggie day care in Needham is the ideal solution for socializing and exercising your pup properly.

Join Our Doggie Day Care Needham Today!

Dog Day Care NeedhamAs dog owners ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to trust our beloved furry friends with strangers. That’s why we strive to be anything but strangers at Doggy Dates. We invite you to meet our team, follow us @doggy.dates on Instagram, or like us on Facebook to keep up with all our doggie day care adventures. If you use our day care services, you may even see your pup on our social media sites! We’re always available to answer your questions and concerns during dog day care in Needham and will send you photos of your dog enjoying him/herself if you wish.

At Doggy Dates, you’ll always be in the loop. Connect with us for a free trial and a meet-and greet session with your dog and a Doggy Dates team member to see if you think we’re the ideal fit for your family. If you’re interested in dog day care, Needham residents can schedule an appointment at (781) 801-2526.

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